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As good as Glen’s presentations are, there is only so much information that can be conveyed in a brief 60-minute presentation or even in workshops of several hours. The following resources take a much deeper dive into all of Glen’s presentation topics.


THROWN in the DEEP END: Interviews with Experienced Leaders on What They Wish They’d Known

The title of this book arose as Glen Sharkey interviewed 25 senior workplace leaders on their earliest leadership roles, and various versions of “I was thrown in the deep end” occurred over and over again. These interviews explore issues such as:

  • What these leaders were surprised or even shocked by
  • What advice (if any) they received, and the extent to which it was beneficial, or even counterproductive
  • The mistakes they made in those early roles leading teams, and
  • Advice they would give if they could go back and speak to their younger selves (and if their younger selves would listen!)
This book provides expert advice, coupled with real-world examples and as a result is the perfect companion to the theory outlined in “People Leadership 101”.

PEOPLE LEADERSHIP 101: Answers to Questions that Emerging Leaders Don’t Know to Ask

Many seasoned workplace leaders will agree with the notion that the hardest leadership role is often the first, especially if you’re being promoted to lead the team you’ve been a part of. In this book especially aimed at emerging leaders, Glen Sharkey considers issues such as:

  • The importance of visionary leadership
  • The importance of vulnerability
  • Balancing fun and professionalism
  • Managing your ego
  • Building a great relationship with a mentor
And 35 more micro-chapters considering issues that emerging leaders often have to stumble their way through. This book acts as a 40 week reflective journey helping you to avoid the most common pitfalls that many emerging leaders make.

“People Leadership 101” and “THROWN in the DEEP END” are so complimentary that they have been published as back-to-back books in the same volume.

Navigating Courageous Conversations- A Roadmap for Addressing Tough Topics and People!

How many of us have lost sleep over the need to have a courageous conversation with a difficult person? This book chronicles the journey of Sandra (a team leader), her troublesome team member (Daniel), and Sandra’s business coach who assists her in holding Daniel accountable. Along the way Sandra’s confidence and skill grow as a result of exposure to the mechanics of these conversations and how to negotiate her way through the minefield.


The Art of Persuasive Influence- What Works and Why in Positively Influencing People and Outcomes

Influence may be a synonym for leadership, but it is not merely confined to formal leadership roles in the workplace. As this book will articulate, influence occurs in families, with customers, with neighbours, on the sports field with fellow players and the opposition and even the referee or umpire. In fact, influence is seen at its clearest when it occurs for the benefit of both parties without any positional authority in the relationship.
This book outlines the why, what and how, of influencing others in an easy to read format with numerous real life stories to illustrate. If you lead others in any capacity then you are going to greatly benefit from reading this book.


Outstanding Presenters Speak for Themselves - 10 Essential Elements to Winning Presentations!

“This this book is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to enhance the quality of the presentations! More than ever before people from all walks of life are being called on to present, and is a true master of the craft with decades of experience Glen Sharkey has written a book that is a ‘presenting investment’, whether you’re an absolute novice, a professional speaker, or a world champion!”


The Motivation Equation

“Here’s a book that is written in a clever way that allows you to dip in and out wherever you like- you’ll be able to open any page and find something that will help you achieve more with enthusiasm. Here is the ideal solution for those who haven’t got time to read a whole book-although after you’ve read a few of the ‘Motivation Equation Hacks’, you may decide that it’s in your best interests to read the whole book!”
Steve Gurney- Legendary and Iconic Athlete
Record Winner (9 X’s) of the “Coast-to-Coast”-New Zealand’s Toughest Single Day Multisport


Fairly Common Tales- Fables for Leaders in the Workplace

Fairly Common Tales is a delightful and fun collation of short stories investigating issues we are all too familiar with in both our workplaces and our personal lives: How do we have good relationships? How do we inspire and motivate others? How do we communicate effectively? How do we deal with other people’s attitudes? These stories, written in fable form, highlight issues such as: communication, dealing with difficult employees, dealing with teams comprised of very different personalities, and creating positive workplace cultures and so on. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the medium - there is absolute gold in these pages for people who lead, manage, and train others.


Little Red Racing Hood

“Little Red Racing Hood” follows the tale of four very different behavioural styles that come together as an unlikely team to take part in a reality TV show building backyard tree huts. The team (and show) almost derails because of personality clashes until the producers force a ‘tools down’ so that the teams can be exposed to some timely advice from a behavioural styles’ expert. But is it too little too late for Little Red Racing Hood and her incongruous team…?

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